My Knit and Crochet Projects

My crochet and knit projects, newest to oldest. I've done these sporadically over the years; sometimes I really get into it, then many months go by without a crafting project. Anyway, here's what I've got.

December 2007 (hand knit) - I made some wool items for my brother's family for Christmas this year. A tam for my sister-in-law, one hat each for my nieces, and a scarf for my brother. The tam is from the Three Tams pattern at, using Cascade 220 #8010 and Noro Silk Garden #84. The hats are from the Winter 2007/2008 edition of Knit Simple magazine, knit with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted superwash wool in Natural, Whisper, and Cranberry. The scarf is from the Holiday 2006 edition of the same magazine, adapted slightly and knit with Cascade Pastaza Prints #9926.

November - December 2007 (hand knit) - The second version of Zune launched this year, introducing two new sizes of Zune to the mix. I knitted up cozies for the event, and some more for the holidays. It's based on the pattern below, but adjusted for the different Zune sizes and yarns (mostly Kureyon and Silk Garden). The cozies are the following sizes:
Zune 30: 6" round, 5" tall
Zune 80: 6" round, 4.5" tall
Zune 4/8: 4" round, 4" tall

December 2006 (hand knit) - Has it really been this long since I've done a knitting project? I must've done something in the last two years! Anyway, I knitted up a bunch of Zune cozies for Zune launch, and gave them all away. I mostly use Noro Kuryeon, but you can spot some fancy yarns in there too. The pattern is very simple; I let the yarn do most of the work. You can pick up the pattern here.

July 2004 (hand knit) - More fishies. One I made as part of another online craft exchange. The other I kept for myself!

April 2004 (hand knit) - I made this for an online craft exchange. I was coordinating the exchange, and actually machine-knitted a scarf for my recipient (naturally, I forgot to get a photo of the scarf before I sent it). Unfortunately, another person in the group ended up being a deadbeat, so I sent this bunny to his recipient to make up for it. Incidentally, I have no idea whether my original recipient ever got my scarf. :(

December 2002 (hand knit) - I made this little Christmas tree hat for my niece for Christmas. The pattern came from the book Too Cute by Debby Ware.

December 2002 (hand knit) - Another felted fish, same pattern and yarn as Chester below.

December 2002 (crochet) - I made this pillow as a housewarming gift for my friend Elaine. We were supposed to go to class together to make this pillow, but it was canceled. I got the pattern from the shop and made it anyway. The yarn is Noro Kureyon.

October 2002 (hand knit) - This is Chester. He came from a pattern I got at Pastimes Yarns and Sitting Room. The yarn is Noro Kureyon, with accents in Trendsetter Flora and Eyelash. Like Waldo, Chester was felted in the washing machine and stuffed with poly fiberfill. (Edit: Alas, Pastimes is no more. My new favorite yarn store is Renaissance Yarns).

September 2002 (hand knit) - This is Waldo. The bunny was knit from a pattern from Fiber Trends using Brown Sheep Nature Spun wool yarn. He was then felted in the washing machine, finished, and stuffed with poly fiberfill.

July 2002 (hand knit) - Back to knitting after a nasty bout with DeQuervain's tenosynovitis. This is yet another hat from Anna Zilboorg's book, 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit. Again knit with Cascade 220 wool yarn.

February 2002 (hand knit) - My first stab at a baby sweater using a pattern from Sirdar yarns. This was given to my niece. The yarn is Sirdar Snowflake.

January 2002 (hand knit) - Another hat from Anna Zilboorg's book, 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit, this time just for me. It was also was knit with Cascade 220 wool yarn.

January 2002 (hand knit) - I got this great book, 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knitby Anna Zilboorg. The patterns contained within are fun and inspiring. I made this beret from Cascade 220 wool yarn for my friend Elaine.

December 2001 (hand knit) - Back to knitting. This is yet another Christmas gift, this time for my mother. I'd been wanting to try out this Berroco Chinchilla yarn and this seemed the ideal project. It's a really soft, fun yarn to work with. The pattern "Keyhole Scarves" from Berroco brochure #206, Fun Stuff.

December 2001 (crochet) - Another Christmas gift, for my boyfriend's mother. This afghan was done with afghan stitch, which requires a hook with a long shaft and a slightly different stitch than crochet. The pattern is called "Bluebirds and Bluebells" from Herrschners Blue-Ribbon Afghans by Leisure Arts.

December 2001 (crochet) - This was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend's father. He's a fan of the Seahawks and the Mariners, hence the colors. It was done using Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn, and should keep him warm in the stands. The pattern is "Gingham Checks" from the Leisure Arts book Mosaic Magic: Afghans Made Easy by Lily Chin.

November-December 2001 (machine knit) - These two scarves were done on my new Artisan 70D knitting machine, using a knit-weave technique. The underlying knit is just a plain sport-weight acrylic yarn, while the weaving yarn is Lion Brand Homespun. The first scarf's colors is Renaissance and black, and the second is Romanesque and gray. The pattern came from Arlene at Ritzy Things, where I got my machine.

May 2001 (crochet) - This was given as a gift for my brother's first baby, born in July 2001. It's made of 99 squares and bordered with a ruffle, using worsted weight yarn and a size J hook (the pattern calls for a size I hook). The pattern is called "Gingham Checks" from Our Best Baby Afghans by Leisure Arts.

December 1999 (crochet) - I made this as a Christmas gift for my brother. It's done in strips using Lion Brand Homespun yarn and a size J hook. The pattern is called "Great Gingham," from Vanna's Afghans All Through the House by Leisure Arts. My brother is pretty tall, so I added extra length to it.  I was on the road a lot this year, so much of this was done on the plane.

December 1999 (crochet) - This is a mile-a-minute I made as a Christmas gift for my mother. It worked up pretty quickly, using size H and I hooks (the pattern actually calls for G and H, this is about the time I realized how important it is to check gauge). The pattern is called "Merry and Bright" from Quick and Cozy Afghans by Leisure Arts.

January 1998 (crochet) - This monstrosity was worked up using a Q hook, holding 6 strands of yarn together! It's all single crochet, worked the length of the piece. The pattern is called "Soft Stripes," and can be found in Quick and Cozy Afghans by Leisure Arts.

August 1997 (crochet) - I made this for a co-worker's new baby. The pattern came from the A Year of Baby Afghans leaflet by Leisure Arts, and uses worsted weight yarn and a size H hook.

April 1997 (hand knit) - This is a knit afghan I started in high school. I'd gotten interested in knitting through my grandmother, who gave me all her knitting and crocheting tools. Ten years later, I picked it up again and finished it. This is the "Eyelet & Garter Ridge Afghan" from the Leisure Arts Quick Knit Afghans 2 leaflet, using two strands of yarn and size 17 needles.

December 1996 (crochet) - Another Christmas gift, this one for my father. This is the "Handsome Aran" pattern found in Afghans on the Double by Leisure Arts.  It's made up of panels (or strips) of varying stitches, holding two strands together and using a P hook. I actually was putting this one together right up till the time I left for my father's house; I ran out of time and had to leave out two of the cable panels called for by the pattern.

October 1996 (crochet) - My first crochet project. I made it to be a Christmas gift for my mother. The pattern is called "Flower Patch," from Quick and Cozy Afghans by Leisure Arts.  It's comprised of 88 triangles and 32 small star motifs, using an N hook and holding two strands of yarn together. My gauge was a little tight, so it ended up being more of a lap blanket.

December 25, 2007