Life in the big city

On occasion, I play an online game called City of Heroes by Cryptic Studios and NCsoft. It's basically just a bunch of people running around in tights, saving civilians, the city, and the world from the daily machinations of Bad Guys. Gobs of fun. I usually play on the Virtue server as the goddess-cum-heroine Nyx, though you may sometimes see me on that same server as the giantess Femme or any of a smattering of other alts. A sample of alts can be seen here.

In my enthusiasm for the game, I created a few videos, two of which I'm actually quite pleased with. Those two (the first two in the below list) are hosted on; follow the links to see more info and to download. The second two are zip files hosted here; right-click and Save As to download those.

  Masters of the Universe My second big production. Another music video starring the players of Forumopolis.
  PvP Supergroove My first real effort. It's a music video featuring sequences from my pals over at PvP Forums (now Forumopolis). It shows off the graphics and gameplay of City of Heroes pretty nicely.
  Devouring Taz I did this just for fun. A quick one-battle music video featuring my friend, the Tazmanian Devil.
  Team PvP This my first CoH video. I did it to get used to the game's demo feature and my video editing tools. This was also with some of my PvP friends, but the shots are all from one perspective and the scenes are not incredibly varied.

All the videos were created using the City of Heroes demo feature, Fraps 2, and Sony Vegas 5.



January 27, 2006