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Days to Build Week:
Built 10/8/02

Days to projected delivery:
Delivered 10/21/02





Public Service Announcement: If someone's trying to sell you a "50th Anniversary Edition Corvette" and it doesn't look like one of the above cars (Anniversary Red paint, shale interior, 50th fender badges, 50th embroidery on the seats, champagne painted wheels), it's not a real Anniversary Edition Corvette. 2003 was the 50th anniversary year. 2003 Corvettes are commonly called "Anniversary Corvettes," but most of them are not "Anniversary Edition Corvettes." They aren't the same. All 2003 Corvettes have a "50th Anniversary" hood emblem, but they had to be ordered with the Anniversary Edition package to get the special color, badging, and options. There are no Anniversary Edition Z06es. There are no black, white, silver, gray, blue, yellow, or torch red AEs. No AEs came with black, oak, red, or gray interiors. If someone's trying to sell you a car that doesn't look like the above, and telling you to look up prices for 2003 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette rather than a standard 2003 coupe, convertible, or Z06, they're trying to scam you. Buyer beware.

We placed an order for a brand new 2003 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette Convertible.

Our car will be built the week of August 12, 2002 October 7, 2002. Delivery will occur 2-3 weeks after it's built.

UPDATE 9/30: We just found out that our car was sequenced on September 29 and will come off the line on Wednesday, October 9!  Many thanks to Bob Breeding at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant for the information. This gentleman goes above and beyond to make sure customers feel that they and their cars are special and appreciated. Thanks Bob!

UPDATE 10/10: (it was a day early...)


UPDATE 10/14: The kind folks at Allied Trucking tell us that the car will arrive here by October 21, possibly sooner!

UPDATE 10/21: Right on schedule! We picked it up this afternoon! It is soooooo cool! More updates later... right now we're just going to go enjoy it!

Here are the specs:

Model: 1YY67 - Corvette Convertible
Package: 1SC - 50th Anniversary Option Package
Transmission: MN6 - Transmission, 6-Speed Manual
Engine: LS1 - ENGINE GAS, 8 CYL, 5.7L, SFI, ALUM, GM
Trim: 154 - Color Interior, Anniversary
Color1: 94U - Color Exterior, Anniversary
Color2: 54T - Convertible Top Color, Anniversary
Order Options:   AAB - Memory Package
B84 - Bodyside Molding
DD0 - Mirrors, Inside R/V & D/S Outside R/V Electro
FE9 - Certification Emission, Federal
F55 - Handling Package, Selective Ride
U1S - Remote 12-Disc CD Changer
V49 - License Plate Frame, Front

Click here for more pictures. For a 2003 options and pricing guide, click here. Both links courtesy the Official C5 Registry. Oh, and for even more pics, click here.

All this was possible through the efforts of Ludwig at THE VETTE NET (http://www.thevettenet.com). The local dealers wanted $5,000 - $15,000 over MSRP for this car. Ludwig was able to hook us up with a dealer who wanted $500 under MSRP. If you're looking for a new or used Corvette, definitely give them a try!

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